Story Telling Sessions 2021-2022


Imagine what our children could attain if they are empowered to think inquisitively, to imagine boundlessly and to create uniquely. We feel enraptured to state, that SBHS always endeavors to give our little angels wings to fly and propeller to soar higher and higher by pitching various intriguing programs to them. One of these rolled out programs is the series of enchanting story sessions not only for our young lads but to all community young juveniles regardless of their allegiance with outside schools.

The vibrant colorful sets artistically made by our skilful teachers along with beautifully crafted puppets and dummies creates a conducive aura for perfectly planned stories which yields out to be a source of exhilaration for all visitors. The eloquent style of story revelations with timely pitched intonations by our professional and expert storyteller

Ms. Rashida Dr. Ali Asghar holds the audience spellbound throughout the session. The masterly-planned Lego fun-play by our six bricks certified trainer. Ms. Rashida M. Murtaza Husami turns out to be an added fillip that engrosses children in exciting hands-on learning activities.

On the whole, the aesthetic value, enthralling style of story-telling, well-thought Lego activities under the constant guidance and galvanization of pre-primary head Ms. Tasneem Kerai make the over-all entertainment and the learning experience something out of this world :))

12 thoughts on “Story Telling Sessions 2021-2022”

  1. It was really fun for kids to enjoy the story in an environment and set up where they experience a new wonder.

  2. It was a very interactive session. Loved how 5 senses were used in a story session, with bubbles and blowing fire props and marshmallows. I am sure my son will always rember this session.
    Lego was an extremely colourful and STEM learning experienced. My child will would love to join again.

  3. The program of story telling was mind-blowing and well planned. It was a very brilliant way of making children understand the story by its action and saying . Hope this keep on continue so children might understand and learn new stories. This will children creative in future. 

  4. Children really enjoyed it. I really like this activity it goes thoroughly every weekly these type of activities boost children brains and everything is up to the the mark and the teachers are very energetic. The way of explaining is very good, really impressed

  5. It was an excellent program/ activities for childrens. listening, focusing and playing all in one. All the teachers, planners and organizers has done a great job.
    Keep it up!

  6. Super job so much impressive. I would like to join the coming session also. Excellent job, the concept was clear, the conference of the story teller and student was remarkable. I really appreciate them in school.
    Keep it up!

  7. Loveliest SBHS 
    We insiyah and her mother literally enjoyed and loved the story telling session specially the teller Rashida was so entertaining to watch.Keep up the great effort always and I am always a happy listener with my girl would always love to visit the campus with a smile.☺️

  8. I appreciate the effort put into making the story interactive looking forward to more such opportunities. Well done!

  9. The story setup was amazing and brilliant performance was given by small kids and teachers. I truly appreciate the hard work and management of teachers. Keep it up
    Hope this keep on continued. My child is really excited and enjoyed a lot. Thank you

  10. I appreciate the effort from the all stuff members and the way they entertain the children. Looking forward for more sessions. 

  11. It was very nicely presented. My child was very excited for the session. I really appreciate the hard work and art of the teachers

  12. Effort work, good effort from all the staff members. The story setup was awesome very well done! A big thumbs up

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