SBHS Robotics Team In Aaj TV Morning Show

Our robotics students were on cloud nine today when they were live on the AAJ news channel. They expressed their ecstasy by displaying the robots they had made and explained the distinctive function of the bots made by the EV3 Mindstorm Lego Kit.

One of it was the CLOTHES FOLDING MACHINE which our children say is specially made for their mothers. The machine folds clothes in no time which not only makes life easy, but also luxurious.

The other one was meant for the bakeries and cake lovers which they named it as COOKIE ICING MACHINE. It is programmed to decorate the cookies which will now be an extremely quick process.

Last but not the least was THE RAPTER whose slithering motion and smooth movement fascinated everyone.

All in all, it was a very good experience and exposure for our children to be on the screen and present themselves. Their confidence and smartness was commendable.

We appreciate the media who takes such initiatives to promote the
tech savvy students who are the ultimate leaders of the DIGITAL WORLD of tomorrow.

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