Its a great pleasure to state that students of Saifiyah Boys High School got a wonderful opportunity to exhibit their Creative Robotics & STEAM Park Models at the exhibition held in the Expo Centre on September 17th – 19th ‘2019.

Intellectuals from all over Pakistan, as well as other countries, appreciated our young engineers. Their confident gestures and handling of technical EV3 Mindstorm Kits fascinated the huge crowd present in the expo.

The outstanding projects of the humanoid, robotic arm, raptor, water dispenser and lifter made from these kits were captivating the interest of many, which included the following dignitaries:

1. Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddique, (Federal Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunication)
2. Mr. Syed Mustafa Kamal; (President of Pak Sirzameen Party).
3. Team of DG Rangers
4. Mr. Haseeb Khan

The highly qualified intellectuals, university students and other people also marveled witnessing the intelligence of our tech-savvy students. Moreover, the media channels of GEO news, Sama TV, ARY and other social media bloggers did coverage and SBHS was live on air on the various channels including on the web sites of renowned bloggers.

Students of SBHS got a great chance to showcase the extremely hard work that they put in their projects whilst boosting their inner potential & self-confidence to its utmost level. Also, it was an amazing platform to enhance their interactive & collaborative skills.

All in all it proved to be a great exposure for our young digital natives 🙂

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