HeroBots of SBHS Wins the Interschool Robotics Competition at GET FAIR’19

“A competitive person is always a winner.”
M. Cobanli

Once again, the Young Digital Natives of SBHS proved themselves on the pitch of the Generation’s School in an Inter school Robotics Competition held on 6th Nov’19.

The contest was among the renowned schools of karachi under the event GET Fair’19. It consisted of three rounds namely:
1) Robo SumoWar
2) Robo Football Match
3) Robo Autonomous Programming (An unexpected round which turned the game around).

Young engineers of SBHS using their technical minds & tactful skills as always proved themselves as Number One throughout the competition winning a CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY.

The overwhelming emotions & glittering eyes of our hero bots really showed that their untiring efforts & sedulous hardwork had been fully paid off with the splendid victory achieved.

All in all it was a great learning exposure for our li’l champs which added another feather in the cap of young Saifiyans.

It is rightly said:

“Competition motivates & drives people to excel, and enables people to learn and benefit from their strengths & weaknesses”
Dr. T.P. Chia



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