Explore the Exceptional Teacher in You

Workshop Presenter: Ms. Zahra Aziz Halai
HOS & Academic Coordinator

Robert John has rightly said, “Life as a teacher begins the day you realize that you’re always a learner.” This workshop was for the development of proper attitudes towards teaching, as a result, to maximize the achievements as a teacher.

It provided a road map through which teachers were able to know themselves as a person through self-discovery. The idea of PBA held them spellbound and made them realize the true essence of an effective teacher. Moreover, they were able to identify their strengths and fell in love with Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence idea that has enthralled many and the teaching has become much more fun. Also, the concept of transforming good teachers into great teachers was an eye-opener.

Teachers were engaged in various activities and discussions which was a great learning experience for them. Last but not the least, by the end of the workshop, teachers were feeling proud of their noble profession and have surely fallen once again in love with the art of positive teaching.

Saifiyah Boys High School

22 thoughts on “Explore the Exceptional Teacher in You”

  1. It was amazing. I can finally count my strengths as well as weaknesses and now firstly I will try to change myself and then my surrounding.

  2. It was a great learning experience for me very interactive looking forward for other workshops like these.

  3. Speakers like Zahra Aziz and Janab Sh. Kumail are the pride of our country in the field of Education and Entrepreneurship.

  4. “Awesome! I had already expected something new and marvelous as it had to be presented by Ms. Zahra Aziz. But, it was beyond my expectations, n much more interactive and enjoying as expected.
    She kept us captivated throughout the program with her friendly and energetic style.
    Loved to be a part of it.
    Looking forward for more such short and enjoying plus learning workshops from Ms. Zahra Aziz.
    Thank you!”

  5. “It was an honor to attend this workshop. I loved how Janab Sh Kumail bhai and Ms Zahra conducted the whole workshop. I learned how to become a positive teacher and how important it is to connect with the students in order to teach them to become better person. I really think the activities were very effective for all the concepts Ms Zahra she taught us today.
    Thank you once again. “

  6. “A session filled with positives vibes which made us rethink our role as a teacher.

    Apart from the amazing content, Miss Zahras way of delivery was exemplary and extraordinary. SBHS is very fortunate to have her as an asset.

    Congratulations to the whole team on this wonderful endeavour!”

  7. Awesome session with lots of new things to learn and explore and I really appreciate her interaction with participants during the workshop and her delivering power was excellent. Really inspired by the speaker. Thankyou and looking forward for more such sessions.

  8. “The workshop was very much motivating, also the speaker Miss Zahra greatly delivered & motivated us as teachers.
    Looking forward to participate in more workshops like this.”

  9. “Al dai al ajal syedna moayyed al shirazi RA states:
    ان المؤمن كالقرطاس الابيض…. فالسعيد من وقع منهم على نصيح ينقش ذلك القرطاس بنقش صحيح
    ( a child of a mumin is like blank paper….. the fortunate is the one who gets a teacher who fills that blank paper with beautiful drawings)

    Todays session provided very important tools which a teacher should use in teaching as whatever he teaches can possibly shape the life of a student.

    It was very well presented in a interactive manner and very well managed.


  10. ““A very informative and valuable day it was although it was a saturday”” Really the entire session was wonderful and most beneficial for the teachers…
    It was a great day to learn with a fantastic environment and with such great people…..
    I really learnt so much techniques and one of the most important skill that we have to change ourselves to change the world…
    I would like to attend the sessions in future with all of you….. Great team work and wonderful presenters…..”

  11. By the way the entire session was wonderful and most beneficial for the teachers…
    It was a gorgeous day to learn with a fantastic environment ant with such great people…..

  12. My favourite was the last song it was amazing I was remembering so many things on that time.

  13. It was just a mind blowing session which guided me and answered all my questions and miss happenings in my mind and souls through QURANI AYAT,AA HADEES,MAULA ALI’S FARMANAN AND AQA MAULAS FARMAN MUBARAK
    The song that they played is the
    heart tearing which gave me goose bumps and little bit emotional.

  14. Best part of today session is
    ⭐ A good Teacher teaches from the Heart⭐ ❤️
    Zahra ben shows us in her way of sayings

  15. 4 hours in a workshop always seem boring to me but I would loved to attend as many sessions like this with Ms. Zahra.
    دل سے جو بات نکلتی ہے اثر رکھتی ہے
    گر نھیں طاقت پرواز مگر رکھتی ہے

  16. The session was simply wow!
    It was a great learning experience with Ms Zahra Aziz in an enjoyable way. It was a life changer indeed.
    I would like to thank Janab Sh Kumail bhai and Ms Zahra Aziz for providing a great learning platform for teachers to learn and explore themselves in a better way.

  17. To,
    Ms. Zahra Aziz Halai
    HOS & Academic Coordinator

    Re: Note of Appreciation

    Dear Ms. Zahra,

    I would like to express my sincere appreciation to you for conducting an exclusive inter-continental workshop on “Exploring the Exceptional Teacher in you” for the people associated with the education field from across the globe.

    It was exhilarating to observe participants from various Imani schools engrossed in enthusiast learning in a fun-filled aura which attributes to your startling oratory skills in presenting profoundly researched materials eloquently in an enthralling interactive style, thus entitling it as a pride of performance for you, SBHS is proud to host such a unique workshop :)).

    “Vibe high and the magic around you will unfold.”
    By Akilnathan Logeswaran

    May you soar higher. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors in bringing positive change.

    Abde Syedna TUS
    Shk Kumail Shk Ismail Nadir-Principal.
    Date: 15th February, 2021

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